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Fair Painting Interior & Exterior

The client Raymond was after a clean and simple website to provide information about his business Fair Painting and the professional services available. The website needed to reflect the genuine qualities of his personality and how he runs the business; clean, friendly and professional. One of the main constraints was for Raymond's number to be one of the first visible items when the website is opened and for the number to be constantly seen, as Raymond prefers phone calls for his first point of contact. One of Raymond's goals was to increase the number of phone calls he received for quotes and general enquires.


Beckett Worksafe Solutions

The client Shane was in need of an informational website. Shane owns a work safe solutions and training business, WHS is an important aspect in a wide range a business and Shane wanted a clean fresh website a site that would grab your attention like WHS should. The website reflects the brands colour scheme, these colours are also seen through out WHS as it grabs attention.


Danish Medical Data Distribution

The company DMDD are established in Denmark and want to break into the market here in Australia. This website was built to reflect user-friendly technology. Their target market was directed towards doctors and hospital CEO's, and stay connected to their current brand colour (burgundy). To match in with the companies branding and goals the design used white, gray and a deep blue which tied in with the burgundy. These colours give the sense that the company is clean, well organised and worth its value.


allround creatives infographic of their design process